Get Total

on Tuesdays

she could think about

skates and the rays and

all the ways that main stream troubadours

(that were, to be sure, like 97 percent water)

ignore them.

I’d be a nurse shark, I’d be a total nurse shark

she writes with her finger, tracing the syllables in tress




you know what they say about the ocean?

nothing insightful or big.

what if the white noise was the whole school cheering


writing “metaphor” in the sand

writing “metaphor” in the water

this town needs a fire

and I need to sit, watch ash lap up

get some  sand between my toes


there’s a total nurse shark

out there and every time I see something move

some grisly flotsam

broken shell, timid crab

I know that I could grow up to ten feet in length

and I am too long

for local aquaria

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