Pop Music I’ve Written: A User’s Guide

Inside: 10 easy tips for pleasing your man!

Inside: 10 easy tips for pleasing your man!

It occurs to me that people not familiar with my music won’t want to go sifting for gems in all those clunky ol’ zip files in the last post. Zip files? What is this, DOS-SHELL? So, I wanted to upload a few samplers in quick, easy to listen to bitlets.

I don’t necessarily think this is my best stuff, just stuff I’m fond of or that illustrate something about my song writing that I’m proud of.

The Sexorcist – Gary Butterfield So, this is not high art (there’s an line about exploring haunted manscapes) but I like this dumb number a whole lot. When I was still trying to promote Dead Idea Valhalla, I told people who helped get the word out that I’d write a song about whatever they wanted, in the style they wanted. My buddy Mike Kitchell wrote a thing and said, “Crunchy, sex with ghosts” and I think this is a pretty perfect expression of that. There’s a missed snare beat that I couldn’t get right after a dozen tries and was on a deadline, thus that one weird beat in the bridge.

FRANZ KAFKA – Gary Butterfield I don’t often write about stuff I’m actually feeling and instead end up writing about what I’m thinking. But this is probably the song that best expresses the lowest I’ve ever been, which is the first year I moved to Portland. Alone, terrible job, no prospects and early signs of a failing marriage. “Should I be surprised if I wake as something less?” On, “IF THERE IS TO BE A LINE SOMEONE HAS TO DRAW IT.”

Victim – Gary Butterfield I wanted to include one example of linear songcraft and I also wanted something from Occam’s Romance, so here we are.

Expungents & Leeches/The Witch – HiLo From my first band, HiLo. I just remembering that I can be that screamy and angry.

My Terrifying Heartbeats – Justin Bailey The title from the last solo album I did pre-Metroids and the best one. Not anywhere on the blog yet but I’m going to put together a “Most Tolerable of Justin Bailey” mix at some point.

W for Tungsten – The Metroids I only wrote half of this but it’s probably the best pop song I’ve had my name on. From, “The Mad Titan.”

Chicago – The Metroids Solid pop song about being left behind, written before I left people behind. From, “My Fiction Suit.”

Contrasts In Our Hearts – The Metroids Punky, from “Wave City.”

Stay Sane – The Midnite Snax A rare reaction to the real world, a song about the Valentine’s Day shootings at NIU. On, “The Midnight Snacks.”

Never Ever Ever Ever – Gary Butterfield Cute. From, “The Sexiest Creature.”

Oh, Enough Fucking Around


I’ve been neglecting this thing like crazy. Though I haven’t written much to add to it, I figure it at least needs to serve as an archive of The Metroids and some other music projects I’m proud of, so here goes.

Note, this isn’t everything I’ve done. I’m holding some stuff back because I’m not that fond of how I recorded it or performed it. I’m considering going through my back catalog and constructing albums of tracks I’ve already written, to re-record as new. Thoughts?

The Metroids – Tractor Beams First EP, original line up, innocent young fuck ups.

The Metroids – Wave City  First album, Huxleyian Dystopian Concept Record

The Metroids – Sockhop EP Last EP with original line up, somewhat dubious

The Metroids – My Fiction Suit First album with final line up, classic rock

The Metroids – Like a River Single EP surrounding the hot, hot hit

The Metroids – Ride the Snake Tour EP of dubious quality, some goodness

The Metroids – No Caps Lock TOUR EP, FULL OF HITS

The Metroids – The Mad Titan Final album, consistent. Good place to start

The Midnite Snax – The Midnight Snacks Pickup band that lived

Gary Butterfield – The Sexiest Creature Early solo venture after The Metroids started, catchy innocence, naive romance

Hilo – Live Assortment Caveman rock from my first Scratch and Sniff band

Gary Butterfield – Life is an Insane Watching Eye What Strives to Convey Some Messege But Recalls Nothing Save That it Once Had a Message to Convey First Portland EP, informed by equipment it was recorded on

Gary Butterfield – The Master Wrench – First album recorded in Portland. Songs designed to be too short to get sick of

Gary Butterfield – February to Februgary Poorly performed but somewhat inspired songs from my song-a-day for a month thing

Gary Butterfield – IF THERE IS TO BE A LINE SOMEONE HAS TO DRAW IT – Last EP I recorded, contains some reworking of some SWORDS stuff

SWORDS – to plowshares – Everything through a distortion pedal, including the drums