Old Podcasts

Recorded upon reel to reel and presented to your ears.

Recorded upon reel to reel and presented to your ears.

Here’s where I’m putting all of my old podcasts, all in one place, without any of the preamble. Just a bunch of awesome old content in one place. A lot of these shows were about me learning how to record, set up an RSS etc, so they can be a little rough. But the seeds are there.

Game Genies!

A short video game music show hosted by Gatorboy and The Madman. A morning zoo radio show for our time.

Game Genies 1

Game Genies 2

Game Genies 3

The Dinopitch!

A precursor to The Pitch. Brayton and Gary discuss innovation and solutions.

The Shave Cave

The Mastermate

The Skinsham

Backpackula/The Business Duster

Throat o Scope

The Brostitute/The Prostidude

The Splashlight

Brunch’n’Munch (Live!)

The Dinobite

A short deconstruction of an offensive joke.

Dinobite Episode 1

Dinobite Episode 2

Dinobite Episode 3

Dinobite Episode 4

Dinobite Episode 5

The Butterfield Family Dinocast!

The original. 4-7 people sit in a room and discuss a strange or absurd piece of media or experience.

Season 1

Ep. 1 Shatterhand

Ep. 2 COPS and Skeleton Warriors

Ep. 3 Dr. Pepper Taste Test

Ep. 4 Enter the Grapple

Ep. 5 Eternal Champions Tournement

Ep 6: Star Trek The Next Generation. True Q.

Ep. 7 Gremlins 2

Ep. 8 Apocalypse Vs. Dracula

Ep. 9 Christmas Snacks!

Ep. 10 We Wish You a Turtle Christmas

Ep. 11 DeKalb Illinois, Part 1

Ep. 12 DeKalb, Illinois Part 2

Ep. 13 Hamburger the Movie

Ep. 14 Heroquest

Season 2

Ep. 1 Mustache Week

Ep. 2 Worlds of Power Book Report

Ep. 3 Typing of the Dead

Ep. 4 Typing of the Dead Continued

Ep. 5 Pryde of the X-men

Ep. 6 Dinocast Birthday Funtacular!

Ep. 7 Religious Video Games

Ep. 8 DragonWar: D-War


And that’s it for this! There’s, of course, Dead Idea Valhalla but since that’s currently running in reruns over at Duckfeed, I’ll avoid posting it here. Enjoy!

A simpler, refocused site

I got hacked! I couldn’t fix it! I clear cut the fucker!

That’s OK though because I’ve thinking I need to diversify the site and do some other things anyway. The Covers Club is effectively dead (expect all the content to go up in one MEGA POST) and it’s time for some other stuff.

Expect a few weeks of deck clearing and re-uploading.